Magnus Agugu is an extraordinary African healer, who combines massage with truthful conversation.

A treatment with Magnus will leave you nourished, nurtured, re-vitalised and back in touch with the joy of life, a peaceful heart and an optimistic outlook.
For generations Magnus’s ancestors in Nigeria have stayed healthy, peaceful and youthful by harnessing the healing qualities that emanate from within. His family, the Ijaw tribe, have been healers for 500 years.

Magnus’ full name is Magnus Woyingi-Kuro Agugu,

which means

Great Gods Power that Dominates.

Magnus has been empowering people for over a decade from single mothers with aches and pains to CEO’s and Multi Millionaires, who have relied upon Magnus for his energy and wisdom.
Since April 2005 Magnus has massaged nearly 1500 people, and 85% of those have said that it was the best massage they

ever experienced in their lives.

To get such outstanding results, Magnus had to follow his intuition and invent his very own massage treatments.

The African Rhythms Body Flex Massages were born.
Magnus’ approach is about well being – looking at the concerns we live with that colour our view of life, and how that affects our bodies. He combines the massage techniques he learnt from his mother as a child, his infectious enthusiasm and an awe-inspiring love for all people.

Magnus brings light to the darkest of circumstances,

and well being to all he meets.

Magnus’ treatments work on physical, psychological, cellular and soulular levels, thus impacting every area of the recipeints life.

Magnus takes bookings by appointment only, in Harley Street or at Honour House, in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

One Massage. Many Possibilities,

sums up what his philosophy is all about. Magnus wants to not only to restore what you may consider is missing, to feel good.

But his plan is for you to look way beyond that and consider all the multitude of possibilities that wellness will bring, then he directs you to achieve them.

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On Saturday 15th September 2007, Magnus donated a Massage Party for an auction to raise money for
Helen & Douglas Childrens Hospice.
Magnus’ Massage Party raised a whopping £3000!!
See Magnus’ Massage Party and other auction prizes.

“I feel truly blessed that our paths crossed”
Lucia Blash,

Editor, Kent & Sussex Today

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