Magnus’ background

Magnus’s Background

Magnus’ parents came over from Nigeria in the 1960s, and Magnus was born opposite London’s Houses of Parliament, the eighth child of Fred Agugu, a Visionary, Statesman, Freedom Fighter and one of the Founding Fathers of Bayelsa State in Nigeria.

The Agugu’s life in London was very different from their privileged position within the Izon tribe in Southern Nigeria. Six children were raised in a one bedroom flat in Brixton, Magnus’ parents’ marriage ended and his father returned to his homeland while Evelyn raised the children alone.

Magnus’ mother Evelyn at his wedding on September 4th 2004

Times were extremely hard, but a great foundation was being laid – Evelyn was passing on to Magnus the methods their ancestors used to heal.

However, Magnus was struggling with school and a severe speech impediment and concluded that life held no opportunities for him. He entered a deep depression. At 17 Magnus was grateful to get a job as a porter.

Despite having no belief in himself, Magnus’ kindness and friendship was much valued by the millionaire residents where he worked and Magnus began to see that a world of opportunity did exist.

In January 1996, Magnus took The Landmark Forum, a course that gave him the conviction that despite the difficulties in his life, he would be able to achieve anything he set his mind to. A determination to contribute great things to the well being of mankind was born.

After 15 years he left his job as a porter and co-founded ‘The Shadow Workshop’, running a series of courses that educated people to channel their anger constructively, and put the power behind it to good use. The results were amazing, but the group dissolved, and Magnus was again struggling to find his path in life.

In 1999 Magnus had met Cathy and a long love affair had begun. However, Cathy’s life had been very different from Magnus’ – full of opportunity and privilege, and for many years there was no combining their different views on how they each wished to live their lives. Eventually, in September 2004 they married and Magnus moved away from the culture he knew and into life in the Sussex countryside.

Six months later, he had failed to find work and felt trapped and exasperated. One night he lay awake praying to God, ranting and raving and pleading for help. “Why, God, did you bring me here? You must have something in mind for me, what am I to do?”  To his amazement there came a reply – clear as anything he heard the words “Magnus, be a masseur”. So with the confidence that God was behind him, he set to work, remembering how his mother had taught him as a child.

Immediately those he treated were telling him that he was no ordinary masseur, that he was a healer, and others were having premonitions that he would become a world healer.

30 months later, with strong support, guidance and love from Cathy, over 1500 people have benefited from Magnus’ treatments. His approach is evolving, and the impact of his work is spreading far and wide.

Nov 2007 Trip to Nigeria

Magnus travelled to his spiritual home to arrange his fathers inheritace ceremony (something which should have been done 5 years previous), reconnect with his ancestors and meet Maria, his younger half sister, for the first time. Although she was just 21 Magnus discovered that Maria was a chip off the old mans block and she too was gifted and wise. Better still, she spent some years with his father, Fred Agugu, so obtained many precious nuggets that had been missing in Magnus’ upbringing.

One such nugget was that Fred was given a blank canvas to create his life by his father and he wanted the same for his children. Hearing this was a real shock to Magnus as he had always thought that his father just didn’t care about his future. The news filled Magnus with joy and admoration for his father, as giving his children free reign to create their lives is a sign of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Look out for The Nigerian Journal to come later this year.

One Massage. Many Possibilities.

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