Massage Parties

Massage Parties

What about getting together with your girlfriends and inviting a fabulous masseur around for the evening?

You invite 4 ~ 20 friends round to your house and we’ll come along to pamper you all while you enjoy yourselves!

‘Magnus gave me a 15 minute head and shoulder massage and I was floating around in a blissed out state for hours…’ said Lisa K
& Lucy P said ‘That was the best massage I ever had in my life…”

The pricing varies between £250 and £2500 depending on the day of the week you choose, the hours you want, how far away from Tunbridge Wells you live and how many of you there will be…

It’ll be a real treat for you – the African spirit has an irrepressible sense of fun with a great zest for life, and Magnus’s Nigerian ancestors have been harnessing that spirit to bring people good health through massage for many hundreds of years.

            To book a party call Magnus or Cathy on 0800 093 6309

One Massage. Many Possibilities.

Phone to Book today on: 0800 093 6309

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